Prefabricated Steel Houses is very durable to earthquake. Galvanized Steel structures is strongly than other prefabricated buildings. We can do all options like rooms inch or dublex.. Steel prefab builds can be assembly in one week.

You can change all details before manufacture. We share build plans with yours for revise and if you approve we done of project.

The concrete floor, one keeps house and saw mounted on a solid foundation of duty. Precast concrete is poured in the basic structure of a minimum of 15 cm and can be thickened according to the weight and height.

Precast concrete company, how you will share the technical details of what is required and the need to carefully pouring. Yaptırabilris betonu your ground with the help of this scale concrete company.

Concrete floor is fully air dry in a sunny average of 1 week. drying time may be delayed due to weather conditions. You determine the delivery date of your prefab house by calculating it will be useful.

We have a lot of customer on Turkey and all world.. We are a family.. Join us!